“Most people don't realize how important librarians are. I ran across a book recently which suggested that the peace and prosperity of a culture was solely related to how many librarians it contained. Possibly a slight overstatement. But a culture that doesn't value its librarians doesn't value ideas and without ideas, well, where are we?”
Neil Gaiman

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Think I'll Keep You

“Hey Mama!” My 6-year-old screamed from the third row of the minivan on our ride to school.

“Yes, sweetie?” I replied over the sugar beat of our blaring pop-music.

“You’re the best Mama in the world! I think I’ll keep you!” she yelled back.

“Gee thanks Lane!” I replied, “I think I’ll keep you too!”

“Of COURSE you will,” she said with the utmost certainty, “I’m a part of YOU!” And with that she burst out giggling as if I’d said the silliest thing ever!

The little devil on my shoulder nudged me for a moment and said, “Go on and tease her – tell her you could send her out for adoption!” Then the angel came out and said, “Nah, she’s too young – and look how well you’ve done your job mothering! She gets it that your love is unconditional!”

And so I said, “You’re so right Lane!”

How lucky my children are to be growing up safe and secure knowing that they are loved unconditionally. That is better than anything else I can give them as a mother. They have toys, and clothes, food, and books. They go to school, I am very involved, they are smart, and healthy, but most of all they know that they are loved unconditionally. I know that I am doing my job well.

This semester at Pitt I’ve been reading a lot of Young Adult books about kids who don’t have home lives like my kids. Part of the draw to the job as a librarian is that maybe I can make a difference in the lives of other people’s children. I truly believe that it does take a village.