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Neil Gaiman

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are we speaking the same language?

Super Size Me

I have to have a little fun at both my Aussie friend and the American public’s expense for a moment. My friend had never been to the US before and after the grueling journey from Brisbane via LA (a journey which involves approximately 17 ½ hours of flight time and a few hours layover in the "lovely" LAX airport) and having gotten up at the crack of dawn to make the journey to Brisbane for said flight, not slept for the entire journey and arrived in time to go to an awards function at ALA, famished did not begin to describe him by the night’s end.

Unfortunately, being a weeknight many places were not open at 10:30 pm. What I originally thought was a place of ill repute, however, actually did turn out to be an eating establishment and we sauntered in for some kibble. I mean really folks, the name of the place and its proximity to Bourbon Street was quite misleading…Daisy Dukes? Seriously? Anyway, I played it safe and ordered a salad.  The whole gluten-free thing makes me wary and the staff at Daisy Dukes didn’t seem to speak Celiac.

My friend stared at the menu for a long time. Finally he looked up and asked me what an entrée was. All I could do was laugh. I thought we were both speaking English… Now my passport is very well traveled. It’s stamped by 21 countries. Usually I look at where things are placed on a menu, not the actual words because I’ve pretty much learned by now that there is a cultural difference in how we use words. And really entrée is French, not English. But I explained the menu to my friend so he’d know the difference between appetizers and main courses. He decided he was really hungry so he ordered chili cheese fries and some other monster of a dish. I quietly thought to myself that he was really ordering a LOT of food…

When it all arrived at the table, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. All he could think of was the movie Super Size Me. I really started laughing at this point as he sat there surrounded by masses of food with a Coke the size of a bucket. All I could say to him was “Welcome to America!”

To watch the movie Super Size Me on the Internet click here:


Andreas and his first American monster meal at Daisy Dukes in the French Quarter, New Orleans

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