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Neil Gaiman

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Knitting Anyone?




Perhaps You Have a Long Road Trip Planned For the Summer... 

Well I've got the perfect activity for you -- knitting!  Recently I found a review for a wonderful book on circular knitting and it brought up fond memories of being pregnant with my daughter Elena.  While I was pregnant, I taught myself to knit.  I became a bit of a knitting maniac for that 9-month nesting period.  I especially loved knitting baby sweaters.  I even made one while in labor with her – all 36 hours!  It’s pink, white and peach striped and her bear wears it now.   I haven’t done much knitting since, but am ready to start back up again.  I think it would be a great summer activity for parent’s to do with their kids or anyone to pick up for the first time.  It’s incredibly relaxing and the rewards are so beautiful and perfect for fall!

Not all knitters approach knitting the same way.  Some knitters like a pattern.  Others like to create their own.  Personally, I tend to be more of a “creative knitter” and appreciate a book that encourages beginning knitters to be creative and not be afraid to make mistakes.  The two books I’ve highlighted are definitely books for those of us in that category!  They do have examples of beautiful works for those of you who would like a project, but those of us who are looking for a technical focus will also be very satisfied. 

 Circular Knitting Workshop:  Essential Techniques to Master Knitting in the Round
By Margaret Radcliffe, 2012

This excellent book just came out and received wonderful reviews from Booklist so I ordered a copy for myself.  I was delighted by the excellent full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions.  I am not a pattern follower, so I love the way that Radcliffe focuses on technique rather than individual projects.  She shows several ways to do things and even ways to get out of situations you may find yourself in while knitting. 

 Getting Started Knitting Socks
By Ann Budd, 2007

This easy to follow book walks you through all of the basics with clear instructions and photos that demonstrate everything from casting on to finishing off a pair of socks.  Includes measuring, counting stitches, ribbing at the cuff, heel flaps, gussets, and heel turns, toes, and pattern variations.

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