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Neil Gaiman

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dr. Frankenstein Has Entered A New Age... And His Monster Is A Hottie In A Hoodie

By A.E. Rought

It’s unfortunate that this wonderful YA modern take on Shelley’s Frankenstein isn’t due to be released until January 2013.  I just finished reading it over the past few days and it is the perfect read for the month leading up to Halloween.  We are a country obsessed with the holiday -- anything for a good scare!  As I started reading the first chapter, I was thinking about how fun it would be as a read-a-loud to a group of high school students. 

The language in the first chapter is sad, beautiful, and haunting.  Emma has lost her boyfriend in a tragic accident and is wandering the graveyard where they used to hang out by a mausoleum.  He is supposed to be buried there, but for some unknown reason he isn’t.  Her pain oozes out in the language and it reads just like Juliette has lost Romeo and survived the tragedy only to meander her days zombie-like in continual mourning.  Teens will identify immediately with Emma.  She is a sympathetic character and sounds like she walked right out of the high school hallways in which I teach. 

The story continues with an interesting twist on the Shelley Gothic tale that keeps an edge to it by weaving in a mystery.  The novel is a page-turner that keeps up a steady pace right up until the very final pages.  It almost invites reading in a dark room with candles waiting for things to go bump in the night.  There is mild sexual content and so I would recommend that it be reserved for high school libraries. 

Melissa Singleton Josef, MLIS

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